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But the promos have made the show look essentially like Ms.

She makes a raunchy joke and then does a look how naughty I am! And then the twist was her character of a ridiculously clueless, self-absorbed, over-entitled white woman… so kind of like a blonde, casual Dating Kershaw, Sarah Silverman.

But a lady-oriented sketch comedy show with a transgressive feminist message has to be hello m lady app.

Which turned out to be total bullshit, obviously. Smart comedians can make their material relevant and universal. All of that makes that Newsroom parody sketch the safest way to helko people to Inside Amy Schumer.

This sketch about sexting after the street interview section is so good; just about every second and every detail is brilliant, from the emoji to the romantic music to having it start and end with her eating plain spaghetti out hello m lady app a colander. Or how women and men have wildly different impressions of a one-night stand.

Or how women are never allowed to graciously accept compliments. What the woman actually wants?

Meanwhile, the actual, not-imaginary women are left in the same place as always: Anything you might be thinking about or saying about her, what is it really saying about you?

And then you look at the YouTube comments calling her fat, or calling her hello m lady app bitch, or making some sexual comment, and something magical happens: A young female comedian is already hello m lady app out in an environment where hecklers are going ,ady try to shit on her live set.

TV executives are going to try and concern troll her into losing weight. Entertainment journalists and bloggers are going to talk about her responsibilities as a feminist.

Some people in the audience are going to call her fat or ugly.

Inside Amy Schumer navigates through all that and ends up with a sketch about sending a sext photo. Previous Previous post: Next Next post: