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Douglas County Courthouse- Wednesday

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Civil Motion Calendar.

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All state courts operate under the administrative direction of the Supreme Court. Skip to main content. Felony Cases in Nebraska Additional Information: Search form.

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Child Welfare Guide What Now? Douglas County Court.

Examples of misdemeanors cases include: The court also handles preliminary hearings in felony cases. The Probate Division of County Court handles proceedings in which the court has jurisdiction over the personal representative and the assets of the deceased; protects heirs douglas County Courthouse- Wednesday fraud and embezzlement; protects federal and state governments so all taxes are paid by the estate; protects creditors of the deceased.

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The Probate Division handles the processing of appointments of guardians and douglas County Courthouse- Wednesday by the judiciary.

The Civil Division handles disputes between private citizens, corporations, governmental bodies, or other organizations. Civil cases may involve property or personal rights.

Some common examples of civil cases are: In small claims court hearings are conducted by a county court judge. The court procedure is informal. Juries are not used, douglas County Courthouse- Wednesday are not allowed and the parties involved must represent themselves.

Clerk s. Ron Murtaugh.

**The Clerk of the Courts Office operates under the jurisdiction of the Colorado State Judicial System** Castle Rock, CO ; Hours: Monday - Friday. If you received a letter on green paper from Douglas County Child Support Services and the Court regarding Amnesty Day, you qualify for this event on August. Office hours and a list of holidays for the District Court of Douglas County, Clerk of the District Court, Monday - Friday, a.m. - p.m. & p.m. -

Court Type. Judge s. General Links.

Information for: The State of Nebraska Judicial Branch.